Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tips on V-Day beauty.

Hello everyone.
Here comes the month of love.
I don't know about others but I eagerly wait for this month. Just the idea of getting gifts or making cute D.I.Ys  makes me exciting.  Love can't be measured but still on that very day we decide to show that someone special how much we love and care. Gifts, holidays and outings..oh I so love it.
But today I decided to post about V-day beauty. We all want to be different than the other-scared that the makeup is not too same or not too loud or not too light. Well sure there is no beauty than simplicity but I like to be a bit dressy sometimes. And what better occasion than the Valentine's Day.
Here are some of the ideas but surely you can add or minus accordingly.


To get a flirty winged eye, you don't need to apply liquid liner. Instead, use black eye shadow. Place an adhesive note on the outer corner of the eye at the desired angle. Then, using a flat eyeliner brush, sweep black eye shadow along the edge of the note; the paper serves as a stencil. Remove it to reveal a soft and sexy eye. If black eye shadow is too harsh for you, try a gray or cocoa shadow instead.
P.S. For instant glamour, try false lashes.


To create a high, cheekbone, apply bronzer  to the hollows of your cheeks. This creates a shadow, giving a more contoured look. Then, add color to the apples of your cheeks (the areas where you would naturally flush).
P.S. Light pink or coral will be perfect for V-Day.


Choose a loose iridescent powder that matches your natural skin tone for a romantic glow. If you have a darker complexion, choose a golden powder. To avoid shine, don't apply the powder over wrinkles, acne, or other imperfections. Apply it only to the smoothest parts of your skin to highlight your best features.


red lips

coral-ish lips

To prevent messy smears choose a long-lasting lip formula. For the best results, pick a shade of red that’s the opposite of your skin tone to avoid looking muddy. If you have a warm complexion (golden or olive skin tones), choose a color with a cool or blue undertone. If you have cool or pink undertones to your skin, choose a lipstick with a warm or orange undertone.

I hope this will be a help for you to look radiant on that special day. These are just a few tips but feel free to add more.



                                         Have a wonderful day.
                                                   xo sabbi


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