Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Is it just an earring ?

Hello everyone
Earring as the name itself says ‘a ring on the ears’. Well there is nothing new about it and definitely I’m not the last one to talk about it. I mean seriously it has evolved so much in the last few years. Believe it or not it has become one of the many important things for women. Gone are the days where earrings were just a hoop on the lobes (ancient days). In today’s world there are variety and quality. Gold earrings have become a stable of the women’s jewelry box, because they are versatile and can be worn with almost any color or clothing style, from casual to formal. Since ancient times, gold jewelry has been considered classic and essential to the wardrobe.
If you have noticed I have two piercing. The one at the lobe was done when I was about a year old. I still remember the day vividly when the little me had the first gun-shot piercing and I didn't feel any pain, instead I enjoyed. And the second was done 4 years back (out of craze). My mom thought it was just a phase but when she saw I was actually wearing both of them so she got me a diamond one for my b’day J. Well you see this is what happens when you take you mind out of only outfit post. Without the camera I’m actually giving a thought to minute details that completes an
Here are some of the earrings at trend. Tell me which you are sporting.

 Earrings I wear daily

 Feather earrings-my fav.

 my latest buy.
gift from my li'l sis. :)

xo sabbi.

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  1. the panda earrings are too cute and even I am a sucker for earrings I am loving the last one as well

  2. Earrings are a women's pride is a must have....classic

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  3. I love the gem looking earrings like the one Angelina Jolie is wearing. Or even a stud earring with a giant gem on it.


  4. So much beautiful earrings!

  5. i love angelina's earrings sooo much!!

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  6. Loving your style inspiration in your blog:)


  7. Aw, this post has me missing my earrings. One of my holes recently closed up from so many infections. Have to get that fixed because I miss all of these!
    xo TJ

  8. I used to have 7 piercings on my ears! It was a phase. These days i only ever wear 1 pair of studd earrings, very conservative stuff!

  9. I love stud earrings :) I am not a very earrign person. I love neck pieces more :)

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  10. The bow earings are soo cute!! I have a ring like the panda ones.

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