Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Floral fun.

Gee, look who's neglecting the blogospere again.
Its been almost more than two years now since I started blogging and as I grow older, the most significant change fashion-wise would be how extremely fussy I have become regarding clothes I like. Its almost annoying because it's not easy to come home empty-handed when your prior intent was to get a few staple Tees, but on the other hand it is extremely liberating to be complete sure of what you like and don't. It makes me feel really mature because I still feel like a kid-hopping around.

 Below are few pictures from my Instagram diary for a little visual update. And come follow me there @daisy_fleabane.

Until the next post, have a good day!

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Friday, 27 February 2015


Hey. Hi !
2015. What? That went by fast. And I thought the above image of half my face that I took on the the 25th of January, to be specific, would bode well with that of this post being the first this year etc etc , etc. Oh, happy new year. And thank you for still continuing to hover over this space. People are so nice. This post is the start of an attempt at maintaining some sort of attendance here again, whether partial or regular so wish me luck. I had no idea how I would start this post or on what after such a long absence so I leave you with these images below that I took some days ago. 

And PS: You will be seeing a lot of food photographs. Uhh! aei.. are these making you hungry? tummy jiggles?  salivating? and what not, then go out have a hearty meal or fix something yummy at your kitchen.

Until then.

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