Friday, 28 December 2012

On vacation

Hello everyone..
No better way to say why I've not been posting.

photo from DONE by NONE

xo sabbi

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Wedding affair.

Hello everyone.
As I was busy attending my cousin's wedding so I got delayed at posting. Well today's is an outfit post of what I wore at the wedding which is a traditional Assamese saree called Mekhela chador. It actually is same as the saree but consist of two pieces of cloth. The one worn at the bottom is known as mekhela and at the top as chador. It comes in various designes and colour but I chose to stick with the traditional way. The  Muga (golden silk thread) is what I wore. 
Hope you like it and enjoy.

 it is an traditional Assamese neckpiece passed on by my great-grandmother.

 with the bride and the groom.

 with the wedding cake but i guess there is too much of lighting by the candles

Have a great day ahead.

xo sabbi

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Friday, 14 December 2012

Dots on Dots.

Hello everyone.
This is an outfit post but you all have already seen my tunic earlier(here). So I'm at my cousins wedding and yesterday was the haldi rasam(to all my non Indian readers its a pre-wedding ritual where you apply  paste of turmeric on the bride) where I had to go at a hurry because I woke up late. And I was all ready but the car didn't come to pick me up. That's when I thought of doing a photoshoot for my blog instead of waiting and sitting idle.

Hope you like and enjoy it.

 my hair is all wet..:/

 my latest buy- chain with stars.
another one-with little charms
a sneak pick of the haldi rasam

Have a great day ahead.
xo sabbi
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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

How to...??

Hello everyone.
I know I've not been posting. I was kinda busy. I had this presentation then I had loads of packing to do(I'm going home). And finally after 9 hrs of road block in Sikkim I managed to reach Guwahati (Assam) yesterday. I'm still tired and sleepy but it would not do any good for me so here it is. As I have already blogged, two of my cousin's getting married so I'm really excited. Shopping and all (my favorite thing to do).
But in this post I would like to give a little  tips on "How to wear jeans". Its winter and jeans and trousers are the mostly worn outfit, so I thought why not share some tips so it could be helpful to all my readers.

From our very famous celebrity.

According to body type

Hope this was helpful. have a wonderful day.

xo sabbi
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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Next to another.

Hello everyone.
So its December again..(Woohoo) and its time for celebrations and holidays. Its Christmas. Its not just a time or season its a state of mind..Happy merry feelings,gifts and loads and loads of food.
But this December I've a lot of things coming up. After finishing my presentation for project I'm heading home and two of my cousins getting married..(: I'm so excited. So its Christmas as well as wedding bells.
I will be damn busy but will definitely keep posting, don't worry. These days all i do is make plans for wedding like what to wear, how to decorate, what surprises and how?? So its basically lots of HOWs and
Okay now coming to my outfit- the sweater that I wear all the time. as in ALL the time. Whenever I'm late for something, or I've no decent cloth to wear this little blue sweater comes to my rescue. You can wear it with jeans or skirt or with anything. It always looks good on me. Hope you like the pics and enjoy.


Blue sweater- Girlfriend, Gangtok.
Jeans- Gangtok.
Bag- Delhi.
Shoes- Gangtok.

What are your plans for Christmas?
Have a great day ahead.
xo sabbi
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Monday, 3 December 2012

Out in the garden

Hello everyone..
Have you ever had this moment where everything feels right? You don't know what it is, but you can't help feeling this beauty. And you want to soak it all up to the very last drop.

Infact, I have those moments a lot.

Lately I had this sense of serenity and beauty when I went to Temi tea estate located around 1 and half hour from our Uni. The place is just mesmerizing. The tea gardens and the cherry blossoms all around the land is itself a beauty. I was overwhelmed when I reached there. The calm environment with the winter sun and us walking up all through the tea garden is something I would never want to forget. Since college is about to end and many of my friends are doing their major project (8th Semester) away from college, so we decided to go for a last trip for the very last time.(hopefully not the last one).
So instead of me blabbing more I would rather ask you to see the pics.
I tried to give justice to those pics. But as they say-' Sometimes the true beauty can't be captured '.
Hope you enjoy and love them.

  loving the green.

cherry blossom

local villager

having fun.

the never-ending road

posing with local school children 

with Shaloma 

with Shreya 

 loved the sky.

 Food at the resort.

out in the garden, one fine day.

Have a great day ahead

xo sabbi

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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fall inspiration

Hello everyone.
I am so busy these days, caught up between my semester exams.(the last ever..YAY!!). But inspite of this boring routine of studying is not that I don't get inspired. Its damn cold here (obvious-Sikkim) and so I thought of doing a post on Fall inspiration.

 the leather pants 

 love the color

 scarves are a must during the winter. Just drape it in whatever way you want.

neon sweater to color the dull winter days.

Boots-cute one's to spice up your outfit. 

 Jeans a must must have during winter.

 Great eye makeup. A little bit of glitter always look good.

Layering cloths is the funnest part. 

slouchy knitted cap also keeps you warm and is stylish too. 

 fur is fun

Nice bags to add that extra glamour.

 Chunky statement neckpieces. Turns a boring outfit into an outstanding one.

Wear them with solid colors to make them the eye catching. Be experimental.

Have a great day ahead.

xo sabbi
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