Monday, 24 September 2012


Hello everyone..!!
Since i was bored to death.. :/ umm so decided to do some changes on my blog. Whole new font and Say hello to a New 'Header' ..:):)

Was just browsing through the net and found some great inspirations. Birdies are something that I always had a spot for.
Hope you guys like it. Toodles ^^

See you soon..!!

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Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hello everyone..
I'm very much alive! Just been busy and stuffing my face with food. Also I'm in 'Oh my God! where is my life heading' phase;which can be a bit depressing at times. So i try to make myself feel better eating copious amount of junk food. :P

So with nothing to do and nowhere to go i just kill time doing nothing...not that i don't have to study for the campus recruitment. Its just boring solving aptitude questions and brushing up your engineering subjects for the technical interview.

In between sluggishness all i do is : this..:)   enjoy!!

Editing photos..!!

     clicking randomz

   a cute key-ring as gift.. it also has a photo frame.

 cooking noodles..with dollops of butter. yuum..nom nom ^ ^

     even my screensaver seems to be interesting.. Ice cream..;)

    Bored like hell.. >.<

 sipping coffee for late night study.. excuse my clipped nail paints..:P

cya soon..:)

    xoxo   sabbi

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Happy snaps.

Hello everyone.
Sorry have been MIA for a few days. Had a really busy schedule lately.
Having the most busiest two weeks of my semester coming up sooooon and really have to go hit the books!!
Have my internal exams from 12th Sept and then interviews for companies to recruit us. I'm so scared. This will be the first time i'll be undergoing any interview..(God please Help).
Here these are some pics taken some time ago when we had gone for a little picnic kinda thing by the banks of  Teesta river. We had loads of fun clicking, eating and splashing water. Hope you enjoy them..:) :)

Jeans- Koutons.
Sling bag- Guwahati.

     xoxo sabbi

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