Friday, 31 August 2012

Cooking endeavor at hostel

Hello everyone..
Being in hostel is such fun. Having friends. Gossiping till late night. Doing your own laundry. Group studying during exams. Cooking endeavors. Midnight snacks(noodles all the time). Birthday and treats. Late for morning classes. Bunking college and eating in canteen. Examination worries. Friends forever. All the good and bad times.
When i was little my Dad use to say "If you have never been in hostel you have not discovered a part of your life yet". But i hadn't known its so damn true until i came here. No matter how bad i shout " I HATE COLLEGE" but eventually when i leave i know i'm going to miss it.
As of now, cribbing about the hostel food and getting fed up.. we (with my friends) decided to cook dinner.
Cooking with friends is such fun. Putting in everyone's ideas to make the dish yuumm.
Well now that's friendship.
Here is what we cooked. Simple and plain Indian food. Hope you enjoy !!


     marinade the chicken with oil pepper, turmeric,garlic and ginger paste

    chop some garlic, ginger and onion for curry

    saute the onion till translucent

     add tomatoes to it

   add garlic and ginger

    fry well

           add chicken to the curry.

    and its ready..enjoy..!!

ALOO DUM ( potato fry).

    boil potatoes till they are soft enough.

    drain water and saute them in oil with some pepper.

   cook for some time.

    add turmeric, cumin powder and garam masala along with salt and mix well

      mix well

     serve and enjoy !!!

The meal was awesome. fully satisfying.

   chicken curry,aloo dum,rice,paneer,lemon & cucumber

   xo sabbi  :)

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Monday, 27 August 2012

We all scream for ICE-CREAM !!

Hello everyone..
I was just going through some of the folders in my laptop and i found these pics taken at home long time ago. Samee (sis) and me had gone out for some shopping and it was horribly HOT so we went to a nearby ice-cream parlor named "Swirls". You get only Kwality Walls there and its just Aaahhmaaazzzing. I so wanna have it right now but alas i'm in my hostel room sleeping and surfing. Though i have my other half off but got a Quiz (its not the GK quiz we use to have when we were little but a 5marks exam of the concerned subject) in next 3 hrs. of Advanced Microproccesor and I have not read a single page. Believe  me when I say this. I have enough time to study but instead i prefer writing my blog and posting some old photos lying around in some folder. You can't just do a thing because to have to unless you have the urge to it. Right?? Same here..i just don't wanna study means i really don't want to. Hopefully my quiz goes well and be able to write at-least a 1 marks answer and my friends be generous and show the rest..:P Hope you like these ice-creams.  :)

        mango fiesta.

                       choco crust.

                       chocolate cookie ice-cream

       xo sabbi

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Liebster Award !!

Hello everyone..
I'm soooo happy today. I got the "Liebster award" yesterday from Stars and Stitches and I'm soo loving it..:).
Recently I had 100+ followers and I'm so thankful for you bloggers for liking my blog. Really appreciate it.

The Rules:

1.Post 11 things about yourself.
2.Answer the question the tagger has set for you. also create 11 question which will be answered by your nomini.
3.Choose 11 bloggers and link their blog.
I'm so thankful of Mill from Stars and Stitches for the tag. Its given to upcoming blogger who has less than 200 followers.

11 things about me-

1. I'm an Engineering student having a fashion blog.( i know..:P )
2. I love shopping ( well who doesn't ??) <3
3. I'm a big time all must have known by now from my blog.
4. Love travelling..going to new places and having their exotic dished is something I looove.
5. i HEART pink!!
6. Love soft country music..also Pop and Rock..but a big NO to metal.
7. Love reading novels.(but defiantly not college subject books :P)
8. I like cute small little pretty things..:)
9. I love designing and decorating.. can come up with really crazy ideas.
10. Like editing pictures.
11.I love clicking pics of myself (even my photographer gets bored).


1. What is your biggest fear??
    --- I fear of being alone. I have great friends and  family. don't wanna loose them.
2.Who's your favorite blogger?
   --- I don't have any particular reading blogs anyhow but I like reading this blog by Ashley-
         Twenties Girl style.                    
3. What did you want to be when you were a child ?
   --- I desperately wanted to be a  Doctor..even till date. But don't know how I landed up being an Engineer
4. Describe yourself in three words.
   --- Crazy, Clumsy, Caring..(as per my friends which i too believe).
5. Do you believe in true love?
   --- Absolutely..its the most beautiful thing in the world. :)
6. Whats the most embarrassing moment in your life?
    --- There are many. But the extreme was I when I was outside a class-room (lab) with 
          dark window  panes and I was dancing and checking out my hairs realizing everyone could see 
          what i just did when the teacher asked if anything was wrong with me..:D  

7. Where would you want to be besides your home now?
    --- Someday i would love to be in California or maybe England.
8. Whats the thing that you can't go a day without?
   --- Defiantly my cell phone. i'm so addicted to it.
9. Whats your favorite word/expression?
 --- "Seriously" :) :( :0 :P :/ :[
10. Who/what inspires your blog?
   --- You must think I'm crazy but everything around inspires me. 
        I look around and there are such beauties. Right from a little 
        ant to my wall paint.(crazy..?? i know)
11. If you could win a contest, what contest would you join and
    --- I don't know. omg i really couldn't think of a single thing that i 
         want to win. apologies for this answer. 

The list of my nominees.

Though the rule is to nominate 11 bloggers but I did 3 only.

Questions for my nominees.
1. Why blogging?
2. What do want to have/drink all the time?
3.What is your favorite color?
4. A celebrity whose wardrobe you envy?
5. Which is your favorite song?
6. Which super-star character would you like to act?
7. What is your favorite color?
8. Whom do you admire the most?
9. The thing from your wardrobe you can't live?
10. Your favorite blogger?
11. The most necessary item(s) you wont leave your home without?

Enjoy reading it !!

P.S. No tagging back.

Till the next time.

    xo sabbi

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Monday, 20 August 2012


Hello everyone..
We had holiday today due to Eid. Eid Mubarak to all,keep your plates full :D. So me and sis went out for a little bit of shopping. Buying somethings from here and somethings from there. Its so fun window shopping.
We went to Rangpo which is like 15 mins from my college. The place is beautiful, surrounded by mountains (though the whole of Sikkim is surrounded by mountains :P) so its great to click photos. Here are some of them. Hope you like..:)

Tribal tunic : Gangtok.
Tights: thrifted.
Sandals: Janpath, Delhi.

    xo sabbi

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Dot it!!

Hello everyone!! 
Yesterday was Independence Day and so a national holiday. As freed from the daily classes in college we (with some friends ) decided to go Gangtok and watch the latest movie of Salman Khan "Ek tha ..Tiger".1st day 1st show but our bad luck,we didn't get a single ticket. It was so rush there. So instead we trolled around M.G. Marg and ate n clicked n ate. Did an outfit shoot inspite of people popping there eyes out..:P
Hope you it..:)


  the painting at "The Square"

 don't know what i was thinking.

 decided to go for Indian food

Polka dot shirt-Thailand.
Trousers- Koutons.
Loafers- Gangtok.

As its very hot here so decided to go for a simple look without any accesories

   xoxo  sabbi
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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A day with friends

Hello everyone :)
Hapie friendship day!! Hope you all had an amazing Sunday hanging out with friends. I myself had a blast.
Here in college friends are like family (though my sis is here :P ) who helps you go through everything.Hostel life and friends are something that I'm really going to miss.
This Sunday to celebrate our 4 years of friendship we went to a restaurant "The Square". The place is amazing with a homely environment which I like..:)
Here are some of the pics of that day. Hope you enjoy and do tell me how was your Sunday :)

Animal print dress-Girlfriend, Gangtok.
Bow shoes-Girlfriend, Gangtok.
Neck-piece- Janpath, Delhi.

  xoxo sabbi
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