Thursday, 28 February 2013


Hello everyone
I have not been good to blogging and have been on and off. Believe me guys I was busy. Might be an excuse but I seriously was. Does a phase come to your life when you'r really stuck with work load and stuff that you actually is left with no time to do the things that gives you real happiness? I have not been replying my mails.
( God! people might think such arrogant I am?). But its all over now. I will try to post as frequently as I can. Many ideas on my mind.. May be hire a professional photographer, changing the blog layout, a web designer may be. So many thoughts but lack of resources. Okay no more babbling on things I wanna work out but time to actually work on them. New post will definitely come soon. Who knows what it might be. :P

Have wonderful day ahead
xo sabbi

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  1. its all cool ....... sabbiii even i am on n off with my blog & updates.
    love rajshree

  2. Very inspiring photo. Great post. :)
    Thanks for a lovely comment, following you now. :)