Friday, 27 July 2012

Nailed it !

  Hello everyone..!! Yeah I have not been posting lately. Well I'm back in college and its the last semester here. Feels so nostalgic..still remember the day I joined but anyway this has to come and I definitely will be enjoying the most I could from the few remaining months here.. :)
  As I've mentioned in the last post my sis too joined and she's liking it here. Making new friends and enjoying the 'new environment'. I wish I had an elder sis too when I first joined, could have been soo much easier. :P
  Yeah!! I have been busy lately with the classes and labs and I couldn't do an outfit post (definitely the next one) but I was surfing through Pinterest and I found these amazingly cute nail arts. I saw and i fell in love with them. Thought of sharing these so you could try. :)

 this would look more cute in super short nails.

p.s. always apply top coat for better result.

   xoxo  sabbi :)

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Darjeeling diary.

Hello everyone!! As you know I'll be leaving for college shortly so I have been a bit busy lately with the packing and stuff. The good news is my sis too is joining my college this year, I'm soo hapie.. yee hee :D
But we( with my family) decided to have a small vacation in Darjeeling..which is almost 2 hrs. from where I study (Sikkim). The place is amazing. I have heard a lot 'bot it but didn't knew it cud be this beautiful.
Here are some of the many pics. Posting all is not possible but I couldn't help :P

          sacred flags & mountain falls 

         clouds and hills

      hill's habitation..the pics  not blurry,its the fog..:)

      Toy train. Darjeeling has the highest train station in India

      ancient artifacts

      with family :)

     at a cute cosy restaurant..can't recall its name..:P

      the mirror at the roof

       thukpa.. yumm


      caramel and nut choco brownie..yummiest.

      North-Indian Thali (meal) at Hasty-Tasty.

Chinese platter at Hasty-Tasty

                  the great green woods.

xoxo  sabbi  :)

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Blue lagoon !!

Hello everyone!!
I'm really sorry.. I said I'll b regular but had been so busy lately. My cousins whom I visited some days ago came over. As I'm leaving for hostel soon so they came to bid me farewell. yeah!! :( me going back to college. But we had such a fun time hanging out n eating n clicking..:) tee-hee.
Here's some of the pics..hope you enjoy :) :)

                                with  Jadid 


      the yummy dinner

                  salami and sausage pizza...yum

             penni pasta


                    the yummiest drink i ever had : blue lagoon.

                 sunset with the blue lagoon :)

                            with  samee

                                     can't stop eating

                          can't stop sipping..:P

                                       it was heaven..

       posing around..


       xoxo   sabbi

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

A day out.

Hey friends !! 
As told I'll post some more pics from the the great week I had at my cousins place so here are some of them. somehow managed to have a photo-shoot of what I wore for a day out in marketing and eating with my sweet cousins.
Well when your too happy you forget to click..:D.That's what happened with me..:P

 High-low Tee- Denizen, Levis
Shoes-Girlfriend, Gangtok.
Accessory- Janpath, Delhi
                 xo   sabbi :)

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Friday, 6 July 2012

Fun time !

Hey everyone!! hope you all are great.:)
Very sorry i haven't been posting lately but I promise I will be regular now.. Actually I went to my cousins place last week and I had some gala time with them.I have been there after about 3 years and it was awesome.. I miss them so much now..:( but yea awesome..
Here's some of the pics taken there..hope you like them...:)

Well have you ever had a train journey  ?..its soo fun isn't it ??..if you have not then you should definitely try it..
You make friends, enjoy the nature n just be lazy dozing off ..:P 
its was just a 3 hrs. journey but I loved every bit of it..:)

       xoxo   sabbi :)

*ps: more photos coming up in the next post .

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Monday, 2 July 2012


  Hello everyone !!
I'm sooo excited to get my first blogger award passed on to by Angela from
Thanx soo much Angela..i really appreciate it. Can you imagine I'm not even a month old and i got a award.
So as per the rule-1. I've to thank the blogger who passed on the award.
                            2. Write 7 random things about yourself.
                            3. pass the award to 15 other bloggers as my nominee

 So 7 random things about me.
#1. I talk to my self when I'm in the room alone (only sometimes :P)
#2. I love shopping and travelling.
#3. I'm a biggg foodie,a glutton.
#4.I heart PINK!
#5. I love soft country music.
#6. I love reading novels. its one of many things i look forward.
#7. I love clicking pics of myself (even my  photographer gets bored).

 NOMINEES ARE:                                                     

xo sabbi  :)
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