Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Floral | Part three

There are days in my life when all I want to wear is the flowy, comfortable skirt I own. A mild relief  from the scorching sun. But since I am on to floral lately I wanted to convert my all time favorite floral dress to a skirt. And ta-da I got the look I wanted. All you need is a Tee. I preferred a loose one as the temperature here doesn't allow me to wear figure hugging. I tried giving a edgy look with the skull tee and spike necklace.
So all the not-so-girly girls, worry not. You can definitely wear floral without the girly vibe.

[Outfit: Dress & Heels-Sarojini market,Delhi; Tee- Borrowed; Neckpiece-thrifted; Neon bag- Thrifted]

Have a great day ahead
xo sabbi

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Floral | Part Two

I have been travelling lately. Thus the reason of me being late posting my series on floral is my travelling schedule. I had an Ah-mazzing time travelling, eating and shopping much. Not getting distracted again lets talk about  styling the floral dress with a shirt. In India you get weired stares if you wear strappy dress or halter or tube ( yes we do!!). So sometimes I prefer wearing a shirt for my comfort hoping for no stares but alas! my legs are shown. So whatever you wear you always get those uneeded stares, so my deal is wear anything you want because you are gonna get those anyway. Ok ok I will stop cursing about people and focus on my outfit. Denim is my favorite,it always has been. A denim shirt is just my always go-to for any occation (except weddings!). I wear them all the time, as a shirt or as a layer for any dress or top. May be some day I will do a post on how I style my denim shirt (lol).

Stay tune for the last style.
xo sabbi

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