Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October favorites

Hello everyone
I know I have not been quite regular and that because I have been travelling a lot. I went home for vacation but now I'm again back to University. You must be thinking I'm just giving another sort of excuse but I guess it is then. All those silly excuse that of not updating my blog. I might have been a bit lazy too. But not writing my blog gives such a guilty feeling. NOW I'm back and I'm gonna stay for sure. 
So these are some of my favorites from October. I decided to do a monthly favorite post that gives you a sneek-peek to my daily life apart from the outfits and other stuff I post here. 
Hope you would like this new addition to my blog. Enjoy!!

      an outfit i wore while going out with friends..but unfortunately my camera died

                                          My sis wearing churidar during the festive season

 family time- my niece 'Michelle'

  the super yuummmy ice-cream slices.

    a vintage telephone at an antique shop.


     decorative piece at home 

   my first DIY

    a new pair of shoes.

    a new pair of shades..^ ^

                                                               shopping time

festive season. our neighbor's son

                                                                     my cute bow

Happy Halloween everyone. Have a hapie time.

xo sabbi

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fun with DIY..

Hello everyone..
As its festive season here so there is loads of eating and celebration with family and friends.
You all know I'm such a huge foodie so its just the gala time for me. 
Also in my free time at home i tried to do a very simple DIY.( my very first).It is just a very basic one and super super easy.

 I had this old tee. I got it because of its stripes (i love it) and secondly It cost like nothing. Got it really cheap. But it had a round-neck up till my neck so i decided to chop it of and wear it comfortably.
I'm really liking doing it so may be i'l invest my time more on DIYs .What say?? 

Also some more random clicks taken here and there.

      it is a sweet called favorite

   some chocolates that are very cutely wrapped.. got them as gift 

    decoration at home

 a cute bow

          cheese pasta by me

me working for the DIY

Till the next time..
   xo sabbi
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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Paint it

Hello everyone
I know I know..its been long but was busy with exams and stuff. Life with exams is so depressing. Studying and studying the boring notes :D. But I'm done with it. Yaayy and i'm with loads of time so that means loads of new post..:) Wow i'm so hapie just thinking about it.
Here is just some random photos taken during the week and Oh!! I'm home for Durga Puja vacations. 

           a decorative piece for mom.

      got a new jeans-Denizen

           owl and butterfly neck pieces.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Shades of Black..

Hello everyone..
I'm not a very huge fan of Black.. like I have very number of clothes of this color  My mom says black is a  color of grief, wear colors that are fun and more lively. True though isn't it?? I'm really effected by the color I wear. Well my mood gets effected.. atleast with me..!!?
So here is this Peplum top that my sis gifted me.I had never worn it and so decided to go for it when I went out for a little outing with her.

Hope you enjoy this outfit post..

Peplum top: Kouton's
Jeans: Gangtok
Shoes: Gangtok
Sling bag: Darjeeling.

    xo sabbi

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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Its just Boho..

Hello everyone..
Here I am with an outfit post..(finally)!!.i know. Had been so busy lately that I didn't get time but here it is.(Yay..!!)
The other day we went out for was kinda sunny and had a loads of walking to do so thought of wearing something really comfy, something very boho- a maxi dress.
 Its simple with traditional prints on it but its very catchy and I was like 'have to buy it' the first time I saw.
Though we went for lunch but we had all little junkies like dumplings, chips, rolls etc and was full .Our appetite had almost gone so didn't had much for lunch.. hope you all like it..:) 

Maxi dress- Local boutique.
Wedges- Tinsukia, Assam.
Sling bag- Guwahati.
Wafers- Tinsukia.

       xoxo   sabbi

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