Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Santa's on his way.

Yay! Its red and white all around. Yaa its Christmas. 
 It’s Christmas Eve and a time for family and friends. Enjoying and singing Christmas songs and carols are such joy. My all time favorite songs are 'Grandma got run over by a reindeer', ' jingle bell rocks', 'Last Christmas', ' You're all I want for Christmas'... and the list goes on. 

Its Christmas eve, and all i can think about is waking up on Christmas morning to find a sock full of chocolates and candies under my pillow.
From school to college, Ma just never stopped doing that. And i'm pretty sure she would have kept it had she been home for Christmas. 

Cheers to my (Not-so-Secret) Secret Sant

Merry Christmas
xo sabbi

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Saturday, 30 November 2013

♥ ♥ ♥ Winter sun.

When at college, more often than not you will find yourself sitting down for an inordinate amount of time trying to get as much studying done as possible; it’s pretty much a rite of passage for anybody attending college. It’s all good and well sitting down with a pot of coffee, the light on, all of your books and working for 5 hours straight. It does after all get the job accomplished, but at the same time it will start to takes its toll on your mind and body. The more that you commit without taking a break or rewarding yourself, the more you find the level and quality of your study decreases.


So to treat myself I went out to enjoy the winter sun. Don't you just love sitting under trees all by yourself, with crazy thoughts and humming your favorite song. That's m favorite way to clear my head.

Have a great day ahead
xo sabbi

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Friday, 8 November 2013


Festival of lights- Diwali.

Have a great day ahead
xo Sabbi

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Jaipur calling.

Hello everyone
It’s been weeks that I am away from the blog sphere.  As you know I graduated this summer. Yaaay I am an engineer now.  So my next plan to do was masters. I was confused between whether it be business or continue with my engineering. After much debated thoughts I finally decided to end what I started with instead of jumping to a totally new area. Thus I am doing my Masters in engineering. The thought definitely ran a shiver through my spine. Although, it may seem otherwise, but I am not a typical nerd, although I tend to enjoy what I do. I am like a new species, a fashionable nerd.

Right now I am in a city called Jaipur, my new home for a few years. It is an amazing place with loads of beautiful castles and palaces and steeped in historical values. Owing to my classes I have been unable to venture out but that is definitely way higher up my to-do list. It has just been two weeks here and I am having fun with my new friends.

This is what I wore to my fresher’s party. It’s a simple black dress that’s like ages old but I really love its texture and also the fit. The fresher’s night was great fun with loads of dancing and great music. I am missing my old friends a lot, but life goes along just as the saying goes- you can never have enough friends.

[Outfit: Dress-local boutique, shoes-H&M, Bag- thrifted]

Have a great day ahead.
xo sabbi

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Floral | Part three

There are days in my life when all I want to wear is the flowy, comfortable skirt I own. A mild relief  from the scorching sun. But since I am on to floral lately I wanted to convert my all time favorite floral dress to a skirt. And ta-da I got the look I wanted. All you need is a Tee. I preferred a loose one as the temperature here doesn't allow me to wear figure hugging. I tried giving a edgy look with the skull tee and spike necklace.
So all the not-so-girly girls, worry not. You can definitely wear floral without the girly vibe.

[Outfit: Dress & Heels-Sarojini market,Delhi; Tee- Borrowed; Neckpiece-thrifted; Neon bag- Thrifted]

Have a great day ahead
xo sabbi

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Floral | Part Two

I have been travelling lately. Thus the reason of me being late posting my series on floral is my travelling schedule. I had an Ah-mazzing time travelling, eating and shopping much. Not getting distracted again lets talk about  styling the floral dress with a shirt. In India you get weired stares if you wear strappy dress or halter or tube ( yes we do!!). So sometimes I prefer wearing a shirt for my comfort hoping for no stares but alas! my legs are shown. So whatever you wear you always get those uneeded stares, so my deal is wear anything you want because you are gonna get those anyway. Ok ok I will stop cursing about people and focus on my outfit. Denim is my favorite,it always has been. A denim shirt is just my always go-to for any occation (except weddings!). I wear them all the time, as a shirt or as a layer for any dress or top. May be some day I will do a post on how I style my denim shirt (lol).

Stay tune for the last style.
xo sabbi

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Friday, 28 June 2013

Floral | Part one

Floral is so perfect for summer right? I know. Be it the bright blooming bougainvilleas, the colourful  floral graphics or just a simple dress. It's undoubtedly true that every girl love floral and I feel you should have atleast one floral print ( in whatever form) in your wardrobe. I got this dress last summer and have worn it many a times but it still hold an important place in my summer neccesities.
So I have decided to do a ' How to in 3 ways'.
I wear my floral dress (most of the time) plain and simple. It itself  has its own charm and I like it the way it is. Just pair with  flats and some accessories and you are great to go.

[Outfit: Floral dress- Atmosphere, Rubber flats-thrifted, Naga tribal necklace-Delhi hut, Bag- thrifted]

P.S Also stay tune for the next 2 ways. 

Have a great day ahead
xo sabbi

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Every summer has a story

Hello readers
I know I have been MIA from blog-sphere. I had my reasons. I completed my graduation, YES!! I am an Engineer now. Bidding goodbyes were tough. Fear of not seeing them and in the hope of  meeting them again were the only thoughts in my mind. But now its done. Hoping for a great future to all my friends, its time for change now. I know change is scary but its good.
I am back at home and I am in love with the weather. Its raining and its perfect. So expect a lot of post as I have no other things to do except clicking outfit photos. (:

[Outfit: Top- Topshop,Timeless togs(online shop), White shorts-Thrifted, Bag-Thrifted, Sunnies-e-bay]

Have a great day ahead
xo sabbi

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Monday, 6 May 2013

Shopping tips.

Hello everyone
Some years back I use to buy every single piece of cloth I see.  And the result, I end up buying more and useless stuffs. My pile of ‘have not wore ever’ cloths is bigger than the one ‘I wear’ and so you end up buying more. Thus the process continues. After years you realize your whole shelf is filled with more of cloths you never wore than those you wear. This is frustrating! Not to forget the money you wasted buying those. So I thought I need change- big change.  My advices give cloths to thrift shops and charities and started afresh.

1.       Have a budget- Plan out a budget every time you go shopping. It cuts the monetize problem you may have after you end up buying all the unwanted stuff. Having a budget makes you realize to spurge carefully on items you actually need.

2.       Search for things that are truly special- In the past I was guilty of snatching up every single cute find and good deal I could find. Now when I go for shopping I look for super special items. I search for things that I have never seen before, that are unique and a special fit to my style. It’s easy to over-shop. Saying no is important. I come home with less and in return I have less clutter and appreciate each item I buy so much more!
                Get organized- Regular shopping trips are key, especially when you are shopping for something in particular. I spent months searching for the perfect oxblood pants. For whatever reason it's difficult to find that one thing you are really shopping for. I also stay organized by keeping a wishlist in my planner and keeping phone photos.

4.       It’s good to have a list- I am a huge list maker. I mentioned above that I keep a wishlist in my planner. This is for items that I may have waited a long time to find. I have lots of items that I would love to find but don't actually need on this list. Long term "dream finds" are fun to search for. It's also important to keep an open mind. Sometimes when I am shopping for a certain piece, I find something completely different I love even more. Remember to keep your eyes open for possibilities. There is usually more than one way to accomplish the look.

5.       Be a collector not a hoarder- There is a big difference between collecting things and hoarding them. I used to kinda hoard things under the banner of "collecting". Recently, I downsized my collection two ways. 1. I thinned my collections. I had a huge collection of scarves but I don’t wear all. I so gave some to my cousins and some to mom. 2. I evaluated all of my collections. My scarves collection is complete so I won’t buy any more of it unless I find something insanely good

These are some tips that I use to cut my over-shopping. The last time I went out to buy I didn’t get anything except some b-day gifts for friends. Instead I ended up spending money on food. Well that the other thing that I have to overcome with but as said-

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Hello everyone
While the name itself conjures up glory images, Oxblood is not a Halloween thing- it is the hottest colour trend.Though the name would suggest we are talking about oxen, it is actually short for "oxygenated blood", the colour when blood is exposed to air and turns a deep dark red.
Now, oxblood has saturated everything from tops and jackets to dress and pants assuring that the sultry, purplish-reddish-brownish will become your new favorite neutral.
This pant is one of my newest which I love because of the perfect fit.

[Outfit: Animal print shirt-Thrifted, Pants- Zara, Shoes-Local boutique]

Have a great day
xo sabbi

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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Little White tee.

Hello everyone.
We all have a basic white plain tee. Don't we? Well if you don't then stop ready this and go buy one. But do come back to this post. It promise it will be of great help. 
A white tee (plain) is a basic for anyone's wardrobe irrespective of his/her. And did any of you realized how versatile it can be? Well I didn't, until today.
It is of such great use. I never thought I would do ' How to Wear' post on a white tee. But yes! here it is.
Its getting really cold here because of frequent rain so its impossible to go out for a photo-shoot but definitely I can help you out how to wear it else-way.
Well its spring everywhere and its getting warmer. What could be more soothing to eyes than the color white?

1. Pair it with any kind of skirt- long/short/ printed/solid it goes perfectly well. You can accessorize it with loads of arm-candy or chunky neckpieces and you are ready to go. Adding a hat will be a really nice way to beat the sun and look chic.

2. Pair it with denim/ jeans for that extra edgy-cool look. Just experiment with accessories to get that perfect rocking look. Bags and ankle-boots are my favorite way to rock in skinny fit jeans.

Here are some of the ways how celebs flaunted the simple homely White tee on red carpet that I loved which is worth sharing with you guys.

Let me know which look you like the most.
You can also sent me pictures of how you have paired your 'white tee' on Instagram(#sabbi23) or on my Facebook page. Will love to see them. ^^

P.S.Would you please take a minute to follow my blog via Bloglovin . The no more GFC is super irritating.

Hope you'r having a great weekend
xo sabbi

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