Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Jaipur calling.

Hello everyone
It’s been weeks that I am away from the blog sphere.  As you know I graduated this summer. Yaaay I am an engineer now.  So my next plan to do was masters. I was confused between whether it be business or continue with my engineering. After much debated thoughts I finally decided to end what I started with instead of jumping to a totally new area. Thus I am doing my Masters in engineering. The thought definitely ran a shiver through my spine. Although, it may seem otherwise, but I am not a typical nerd, although I tend to enjoy what I do. I am like a new species, a fashionable nerd.

Right now I am in a city called Jaipur, my new home for a few years. It is an amazing place with loads of beautiful castles and palaces and steeped in historical values. Owing to my classes I have been unable to venture out but that is definitely way higher up my to-do list. It has just been two weeks here and I am having fun with my new friends.

This is what I wore to my fresher’s party. It’s a simple black dress that’s like ages old but I really love its texture and also the fit. The fresher’s night was great fun with loads of dancing and great music. I am missing my old friends a lot, but life goes along just as the saying goes- you can never have enough friends.

[Outfit: Dress-local boutique, shoes-H&M, Bag- thrifted]

Have a great day ahead.
xo sabbi

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