Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fall inspiration

Hello everyone.
I am so busy these days, caught up between my semester exams.(the last ever..YAY!!). But inspite of this boring routine of studying is not that I don't get inspired. Its damn cold here (obvious-Sikkim) and so I thought of doing a post on Fall inspiration.

 the leather pants 

 love the color

 scarves are a must during the winter. Just drape it in whatever way you want.

neon sweater to color the dull winter days.

Boots-cute one's to spice up your outfit. 

 Jeans a must must have during winter.

 Great eye makeup. A little bit of glitter always look good.

Layering cloths is the funnest part. 

slouchy knitted cap also keeps you warm and is stylish too. 

 fur is fun

Nice bags to add that extra glamour.

 Chunky statement neckpieces. Turns a boring outfit into an outstanding one.

Wear them with solid colors to make them the eye catching. Be experimental.

Have a great day ahead.

xo sabbi
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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Diwali at Gangtok II

Hello everyone.
Since I have already told earlier that I'm going to post more on the Diwali vacation I had at Gangtok, so without much delaying here it is. I would rather say 'Let the pictures do the talking'.
The outfit is what I wore on the night of celebration.The rest are some fun pics taken in and around Gangtok, hopping into restaurants and having the bestest item on the menu.
Hope you like them. Enjoy.

Black jacket- Girlfriend, Gangtok.
Off-white sweater- Mango.(here)
Jeans- Assam
Ankle boots- Gangtok.
Animal print scarf- Boutique

baker's cafe.

                 selecting pie's and mousse.

purple haze and lemon mint

having ice-cream during winter is just awesome.

my sub getting filled!!

and it comes- packed.

1. Turkey and chicken Sub
2. Chicken and Ham B.M.T.

it was amazing with the extra Mayo

went into dreamland


Have a great day ahead.

  xo sabbi
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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Diwali at Gangtok.

Hello everyone.
I've been offbeat lately. With the festive season, partying with friends for the last time as its ending in another 1 month. :(. So not been able to post as promised. My semester exams start in another 2 days. Don't really feel like studying. It would be my last exam in my Engineering career. How it has ended ? 4 years has gone just in a blink.
Okay enough of emo, these pictures were taken during Diwali (to all my non-Indian blogger it's a festival of light and joy. We burn crackers and eat a lot). As these would be my last Diwali here so we went out on a night out with friends. It was so so fun..
Hope you enjoy these photos.

           lovely flowers all over the M.G.Marg, Gangtok.       

    i look so weird.

              waterfall wall at an restaurant

              love what the sign

my favorite - Russian salad.

   posing with friends

 the flower-pot cracker-my favorite.

 just managed this one as a perfect click


lovely diyas

OMG this is such a long post. It has became a photo book like. But I couldn't help posting these pic.
Definitely going to post more on this lovely vacation I had during the Diwali's. Well I too said I'll post more on the farewell party I had at Uni. But I was so so excited to post these pics first so. Any ways I'll definitely post those farewell pic too.. Some time later.:)

xo sabbi
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Monday, 12 November 2012

Dark forest.

Hello everyone.
This outfit is what I wore to my farewell party yesterday. OMG I feel really old now. 4 years:   the longest vacation of my life.
Sleepy classes at 8.30 am, being sent out for coming late, awesome hostel life, night canteens, gossiping all night long, cancelled classes, picnic and outings, innumerable Gangtok trips, friends and teachers who became a part of life. I'll miss everything about this place.
I might not have learnt much about Electrical Engineering but have definitely learnt -

Friendship, Love, Failure, Success - I  learnt life.

Okay coming back to the outfit, since it was kinda formal party so I decided to wear this blazer (also because its cold out here) and though floral are meant for spring/summer but because of the darker shades I went for this during fall.
The party was arranged at rooftop with loads of music and lights. It was totally turned into a disc. Danced till my feet ached. More photos to be posted later. Hope you enjoy this.

Floral dress- Dubai (gift).
Blazer-Girlfriend (Gangtok).
Brooch- came along with the blazer(so cool).
Owl neck piece- Delhi (Janpath)

     xo sabbi

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Blues and Grey..

Hello everyone
Its fall time again. Love the thought of layering cloths, sweaters, boots and bright dark colors. Here this sweater-ish kinda tunic that I got long time back and which I love is what i wore for a little outing. Love the color and the fit. So the other day I went out with friends for a little snack in the neighborhood. Its was not that cold but just the breeze around. 
So what perfect occasion do I need to wear this bright outfit. These are some photos taken before I went out. 
And I'm so going to wear it a lot during this fall.
(probably with some layering)
Hope you had a great weekend. I myself had the bestest time shopping. Photos soon to come :). Till then enjoy this!!  

Sweater tunic- Assam.
Tights- Gangtok.
Bag- Gangtok.
Loafers- Sarojini nagar, Delhi

      xo sabbi

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