Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fall inspiration

Hello everyone.
I am so busy these days, caught up between my semester exams.(the last ever..YAY!!). But inspite of this boring routine of studying is not that I don't get inspired. Its damn cold here (obvious-Sikkim) and so I thought of doing a post on Fall inspiration.

 the leather pants 

 love the color

 scarves are a must during the winter. Just drape it in whatever way you want.

neon sweater to color the dull winter days.

Boots-cute one's to spice up your outfit. 

 Jeans a must must have during winter.

 Great eye makeup. A little bit of glitter always look good.

Layering cloths is the funnest part. 

slouchy knitted cap also keeps you warm and is stylish too. 

 fur is fun

Nice bags to add that extra glamour.

 Chunky statement neckpieces. Turns a boring outfit into an outstanding one.

Wear them with solid colors to make them the eye catching. Be experimental.

Have a great day ahead.

xo sabbi
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  1. such a great post !

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  2. heyyyy... nice cute blog!
    hope ur semester exams go well!! :)
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  3. Great post! Love it all!
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  4. Hi Sabiha, love that scarf... great collections. :)

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  5. Hey! I hope ur exams went of luck with the results dear n cool inspirations....

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  6. these are gorgeous fall pieces! loving the neon sweater <3

  7. I love the mustard sweater in the second picture. I always think mustard is such a perfect fall-esque color.

  8. Leather pants are love!!!

  9. heyyy...thanks for following me... I'm following u now!! :)