Monday, 3 December 2012

Out in the garden

Hello everyone..
Have you ever had this moment where everything feels right? You don't know what it is, but you can't help feeling this beauty. And you want to soak it all up to the very last drop.

Infact, I have those moments a lot.

Lately I had this sense of serenity and beauty when I went to Temi tea estate located around 1 and half hour from our Uni. The place is just mesmerizing. The tea gardens and the cherry blossoms all around the land is itself a beauty. I was overwhelmed when I reached there. The calm environment with the winter sun and us walking up all through the tea garden is something I would never want to forget. Since college is about to end and many of my friends are doing their major project (8th Semester) away from college, so we decided to go for a last trip for the very last time.(hopefully not the last one).
So instead of me blabbing more I would rather ask you to see the pics.
I tried to give justice to those pics. But as they say-' Sometimes the true beauty can't be captured '.
Hope you enjoy and love them.

  loving the green.

cherry blossom

local villager

having fun.

the never-ending road

posing with local school children 

with Shaloma 

with Shreya 

 loved the sky.

 Food at the resort.

out in the garden, one fine day.

Have a great day ahead

xo sabbi

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  1. I love your pretty top and wow it looks so gorgeous there! Amazing pics, makes me want to be there Right now!

  2. I love your photos, it looks like you enjoyed yourself :)

    xox LJ

  3. this place falls on the way to Namchi right.,,its beautiful

    1. ya jasmine..its on way to namchi. the place is awesome.
      u should definitely go.
      xo sabbi

  4. Wow beautiful place ,......grt pics...

    Thanx for ur comment

  5. Hi Sabbi! nice to know your blog, firstly thanks for your comment in my blog, I'm following you now :D
    I love the cherry blossom and the never ending road, its look cool!
    and your outfit, the polkadot top look cute :D

    visit my little cream button♥

  6. oh gosh, this place looks so lovely! i adore the dress you are wearing here!

    lindsey louise

  7. I love your polka dot dress, it's so cute :)