Sunday, 18 November 2012

Diwali at Gangtok.

Hello everyone.
I've been offbeat lately. With the festive season, partying with friends for the last time as its ending in another 1 month. :(. So not been able to post as promised. My semester exams start in another 2 days. Don't really feel like studying. It would be my last exam in my Engineering career. How it has ended ? 4 years has gone just in a blink.
Okay enough of emo, these pictures were taken during Diwali (to all my non-Indian blogger it's a festival of light and joy. We burn crackers and eat a lot). As these would be my last Diwali here so we went out on a night out with friends. It was so so fun..
Hope you enjoy these photos.

           lovely flowers all over the M.G.Marg, Gangtok.       

    i look so weird.

              waterfall wall at an restaurant

              love what the sign

my favorite - Russian salad.

   posing with friends

 the flower-pot cracker-my favorite.

 just managed this one as a perfect click


lovely diyas

OMG this is such a long post. It has became a photo book like. But I couldn't help posting these pic.
Definitely going to post more on this lovely vacation I had during the Diwali's. Well I too said I'll post more on the farewell party I had at Uni. But I was so so excited to post these pics first so. Any ways I'll definitely post those farewell pic too.. Some time later.:)

xo sabbi
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  1. Great pictures. Happy Diwali Sabbi! xx

  2. Great pictures! Good luck on your exams and advance congratulations you survived 4 years in Engineering! Wow. <3

  3. lovely post!!

  4. All of these photographs are absolutely beautiful! Love all of the fireworks, what fun! :)
    xo TJ

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