Monday, 6 May 2013

Shopping tips.

Hello everyone
Some years back I use to buy every single piece of cloth I see.  And the result, I end up buying more and useless stuffs. My pile of ‘have not wore ever’ cloths is bigger than the one ‘I wear’ and so you end up buying more. Thus the process continues. After years you realize your whole shelf is filled with more of cloths you never wore than those you wear. This is frustrating! Not to forget the money you wasted buying those. So I thought I need change- big change.  My advices give cloths to thrift shops and charities and started afresh.

1.       Have a budget- Plan out a budget every time you go shopping. It cuts the monetize problem you may have after you end up buying all the unwanted stuff. Having a budget makes you realize to spurge carefully on items you actually need.

2.       Search for things that are truly special- In the past I was guilty of snatching up every single cute find and good deal I could find. Now when I go for shopping I look for super special items. I search for things that I have never seen before, that are unique and a special fit to my style. It’s easy to over-shop. Saying no is important. I come home with less and in return I have less clutter and appreciate each item I buy so much more!
                Get organized- Regular shopping trips are key, especially when you are shopping for something in particular. I spent months searching for the perfect oxblood pants. For whatever reason it's difficult to find that one thing you are really shopping for. I also stay organized by keeping a wishlist in my planner and keeping phone photos.

4.       It’s good to have a list- I am a huge list maker. I mentioned above that I keep a wishlist in my planner. This is for items that I may have waited a long time to find. I have lots of items that I would love to find but don't actually need on this list. Long term "dream finds" are fun to search for. It's also important to keep an open mind. Sometimes when I am shopping for a certain piece, I find something completely different I love even more. Remember to keep your eyes open for possibilities. There is usually more than one way to accomplish the look.

5.       Be a collector not a hoarder- There is a big difference between collecting things and hoarding them. I used to kinda hoard things under the banner of "collecting". Recently, I downsized my collection two ways. 1. I thinned my collections. I had a huge collection of scarves but I don’t wear all. I so gave some to my cousins and some to mom. 2. I evaluated all of my collections. My scarves collection is complete so I won’t buy any more of it unless I find something insanely good

These are some tips that I use to cut my over-shopping. The last time I went out to buy I didn’t get anything except some b-day gifts for friends. Instead I ended up spending money on food. Well that the other thing that I have to overcome with but as said-

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  1. i know what you mean!! I just hoard and hoard!! I have to be more organised. Was great to see your lovely blog after such a long time Sabbi!! :D

  2. Great post! it is best to shop for special tiems!
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  3. Great tips, hun! I've cut down on my spending a lot too in recent years and only buy good quality pieces I really love

  4. You are awesome.
    Following you.
    Follow me back :)

    Love from Nagaland :)

  5. I totally agree with point one. I always only go shopping with a limited budget! That makes it much more easier not to buy senseless stuff :)

  6. excellent tips! and the last quote by julia child is awesome :)

  7. Lol I always go wid that intention,, but somehow the list doesnt work. Great post, wud try to stick to it :)

  8. these are great tips! i need to make a list for sure when I go out looking for things!

  9. all good points but sometimes I forget!!

  10. Very sensible advice!! I also keep a 'Fashion-Wishlist' pinterest board, so I know what I want in case I get coupons or vouchers to any particular shopping site. My junk jewelry collection is like your scarf collection, I don't think I need any more :-)

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