Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Floral | Part three

There are days in my life when all I want to wear is the flowy, comfortable skirt I own. A mild relief  from the scorching sun. But since I am on to floral lately I wanted to convert my all time favorite floral dress to a skirt. And ta-da I got the look I wanted. All you need is a Tee. I preferred a loose one as the temperature here doesn't allow me to wear figure hugging. I tried giving a edgy look with the skull tee and spike necklace.
So all the not-so-girly girls, worry not. You can definitely wear floral without the girly vibe.

[Outfit: Dress & Heels-Sarojini market,Delhi; Tee- Borrowed; Neckpiece-thrifted; Neon bag- Thrifted]

Have a great day ahead
xo sabbi

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  1. Love this outfit Sabbi! I haven't visited your blog for days, please excuse me for that. You made it look super-great, if this word actually exists!! I love the design and the make-over.

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  2. great post! :)

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  3. you look amazing, love the outfit

  4. Very beautiful outfit ;) Lovely skrit!

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  5. I love that you mixed edgy and floral, such a cute look! I love how wearing a shirt or sweater over a dress can really transform it.

  6. Hi Sabbi! I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Please refer to the following link.