Friday, 6 July 2012

Fun time !

Hey everyone!! hope you all are great.:)
Very sorry i haven't been posting lately but I promise I will be regular now.. Actually I went to my cousins place last week and I had some gala time with them.I have been there after about 3 years and it was awesome.. I miss them so much now..:( but yea awesome..
Here's some of the pics taken there..hope you like them...:)

Well have you ever had a train journey  ?..its soo fun isn't it ??..if you have not then you should definitely try it..
You make friends, enjoy the nature n just be lazy dozing off ..:P 
its was just a 3 hrs. journey but I loved every bit of it..:)

       xoxo   sabbi :)

*ps: more photos coming up in the next post .

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  1. great pics!!:)

  2. So much food! Those candies made me hungry! lol


  3. You guys look like you're having a blast of fun. Yummy food over there,thanks a lot! I'm hungry now.

  4. Hey just came across ur blog n I like it......check out my log too n let me know if we can follow each other.

  5. Great post & cute blog!
    I`m a new follower now.
    And I will be SOO happy, if you follow my blog:-)