Saturday, 21 July 2012

Darjeeling diary.

Hello everyone!! As you know I'll be leaving for college shortly so I have been a bit busy lately with the packing and stuff. The good news is my sis too is joining my college this year, I'm soo hapie.. yee hee :D
But we( with my family) decided to have a small vacation in Darjeeling..which is almost 2 hrs. from where I study (Sikkim). The place is amazing. I have heard a lot 'bot it but didn't knew it cud be this beautiful.
Here are some of the many pics. Posting all is not possible but I couldn't help :P

          sacred flags & mountain falls 

         clouds and hills

      hill's habitation..the pics  not blurry,its the fog..:)

      Toy train. Darjeeling has the highest train station in India

      ancient artifacts

      with family :)

     at a cute cosy restaurant..can't recall its name..:P

      the mirror at the roof

       thukpa.. yumm


      caramel and nut choco brownie..yummiest.

      North-Indian Thali (meal) at Hasty-Tasty.

Chinese platter at Hasty-Tasty

                  the great green woods.

xoxo  sabbi  :)

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  1. Beautiful pictures :) This food makes me hungry, it looks so tasty :)

  2. cute pics and blog, I'm already following you :) xx

  3. beautiful pics!love the dress!!

  4. Ooh, the artifacts looks amazing. And that food...yum!
    ♥ xixia |

  5. Ohh that food looks sooo good!


  6. Wow nice post! Btw, it's my first time visiting your blog, and it's a nice blog.
    I'm blogger from Indonesia and like your blog <3
    Wanna follow each other? ;)

    my blog

  7. i love the post and pictures. Only it's diary and not dairy.

  8. ahh! you must be so excited =) congrats on starting college, babe! study hard, play harder (but leave the playing out until after college) haha. and omg i love indian food so much! hope you are well sweetness! take care and keep in touch <3

    xx james

    1. thnx is soo fun
      n yeah indian foods are grt..:)
      xo sabbi

  9. yay that your sister is joining you how cool! have you ever seen darjeeling ltd? great movie and really made me want to go there :D


    1. yeah the movie is awesome..its been a long time I had seen it though :)
      xo sabbi

  10. the food looks really tasty. good luck in college

  11. I have been to Darjeeling for a short holiday too. It s really nice place . Your pictures refreshed my memory ..

  12. i love darj...
    thank you for the adorable comment dear
    im sure to follow u, mind to follow me back?
    lots of love

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