Monday, 12 May 2014

A little tribal.

Hello friends

I was off blogsphere and here is what I have been doing instead- living live, creating memories. Yes yes, I could be blogging too paralleling.. but you know want? I didn't miss writing until now. I was too busy and we all need some time off from our monotonous life. Having this break made me realise that how much ever I try, I cant stop blogging. So be ready for loads of post coming up as I have a lot to share.

xo sabbi

[Outfit: Top-lifestyle, Leggings-local store,Shoes-zara,Glares-mom's]

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  1. good to have you back on blogsphere!

  2. i think all bloggers take little breaks, so no one's judging you :) also, those leggings are so fun and look so comfy!

    xo marlen
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  3. not a big fan of the pants.. but u're rocking it! also nice shades! :-*