Monday, 11 September 1989

About me.

Hello everyone!! I'm Sabiha (you can call  me Sabbi) and I'm so glad you found this little corner where I share  a fun, colourful, jumbled and sometimes quite messy collection of things that I love.

Well to start of I'm an Engineering student at Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology.( YES!! can you believe it).. I know. But I love what I do.:) whereas at the same time I have a passion for fashion..
Dressing up and following the latest trend is something I love. Designing outfits either for me or for my friends is what  I do at my pass time. You know you get so busy in college with classes and labs and assignments that  I find very little time for this, but I often participate in college fashion shows to keep up what I like doing.
Okie I'm actually from Tinsukia, Assam pursuing my dreams of becoming an Engineer in Sikkim. It's a  lovely place to live with hills and rivers and mountain falls. If you love nature u'll definitely love Sikkim. Its so peaceful with its serenity..:)

I hope you stay a while and come back for more. Your comments and email always make my day..:)

xoxo sabbi..:)

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